Planning and Design

The days when offices were identical cubicles, surrounded by white walls and lit by white fluorescent lights, are gone thanks to the likes of Google and Pixar demonstrating tremendous success despite their unconventional workplaces. As a result, more businesses are embracing the idea that a creative work environment can help stimulate minds and inspire innovation.

Planning and design is the starting point of any successful project. We understand this and incorporate this as a core part of our service.

NEXUS has:

Specialist teams responsible for:

NEXUS can review existing or planned layouts of commercial and industrial organisations and provide both the design, planning and build services to implement the most cost-effective and business-appropriate solution, all without the need of additional contractors.

From M&E installation and certification through to furniture supply or even complete fit outs, we have your design and build needs fully covered.

The NEXUS approach is to bring together the best individuals from each division of the industry through our in-house partnership network  to ensure that our clients have access to professional consultants and unbeatable service. Our track record and client portfolio speaks for itself.

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