Office Furniture Installation Service

Nexus consolidates Office furniture installation with all the other core elements forming part of the setup of a successful working environment during times of growth and change in business. Ultimately delivering a seamless turnkey solution with a single point of contact and single point of accountability for the successful end result.

We help our clients overcome the typical challenges associated with Office furniture installation and relocation projects like:

  • multiple points of failure

  • lack of communication between different suppliers

  • client risk and direct responsibility for project management and scheduling

  • missed deadlines and downtime

Office furniture installation is only one element that makes up the internal movement or relocation of a live workplace and it presents a risk to the successful relocations as well as the overall functionality and continuity of the business.

It requires specific consideration, planning and scheduling with the rest of the elements that make up the movement, as everything has to come together seamlessly for a successful relocation and for a workspace to function efficiently.

While it is possible to procure Office furniture installation separately, taking this approach typically leads to increased risk due to multiple points of failure, duplication of costs and complex schedule management.

Nexus delivers all the services required to guarantee seamless transition in the workplace with no risk or involvement from the client.

We are a specialist solution provider for all these services.

Our Office furniture installation services includes:

  • Specialist trained and experience fitters

  • Specialist tools for all office furniture brands and manufacturers

  • Pre installation product delivery and storage at Local warehouse

  • Pre installation quality and parts survey

  • Dedicated delivery and installation teams – saving time and money

  • Central project management ensuring synchronisation with other trades on site

  • Clearance of all packing materials

  • Furniture and perimeter cleaning post install

  • Day 2 site presence for adjustments and user support

Office furniture installation forms part of our turnkey offering, together with a host of other services, including:

  • Business relocation

  • Specialist relocation

  • Space planning and Furniture audit

  • External connectivity (leased line, business broadband, 4G solutions)

  • Wired and wireless network solution design and implementation

  • Furniture installation

  • IT and technology relocation

  • Document and archive relocation

  • Move planning and move management

  • IT solution design

  • IT Managed services

  • Certificated hardware recycling for IT and furniture (WEEE compliant)

  • Storage and logistics solutions

  • Site clearance and dilapidations

  • Building maintenance

  • Managed services

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