Choosing The Right Floor Finish For Your Refurb

If you are considering a refurbishment to your warehouse or manufacturing space, chances are a new floor finish will be part of your plans. Finding the right surface to fit with your budget whilst offering the requisite quality of finish can be tricky, with factors such as foot traffic, care and maintenance playing an important part in your decision.

Choosing your warehouse flooring has been fairly simple in years gone by, with concrete being a popular choice. Offering a practical, yet perhaps dull, option, it nonetheless has definite drawbacks, as even a small number of years of heavy use can result in surface cracks, posing a health and safety hazard and giving surface-level machinery a hard time.

With operating efficiencies and safety in the workplace both crucial factors in today’s businesses, substandard flooring can present a real issue, affecting productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Some smaller cracks within a concrete surface can be filled in without too much trouble or expense, however the solution tends to only be temporary. Further cracks normally appear on a regular basis, presenting a costly and annoying maintenance issue for business owners. There is, however, another option, which provides a durable surface laid on top of existing concrete flooring, rather than replacing it.

Epoxy flooring has been developed specifically for warehouses and manufacturing plants, and ticks every box of practical requirements within an industrial environment. With proper maintenance, epoxy resin floors can last for more than 20 years, providing real value for money when viewed in the long term. This flexible, high-performance material comprises heavy minerals, which make up the filler for the product and is the secret to its durability. Epoxy resin is also highly resistant to water and hazardous chemical spills.

At Nexus PSL, epoxy flooring has been a popular choice for many of our clients. The material can be laid seam-free, or in a tile effect if desired. It can be made up in any colour, enabling you to match it to a your brand, embed logos, add lines to delineate areas within your commercial space, or even display safety messages.

While concrete may appear to provide the easy option for an industrial floor, it is not without its drawbacks. Epoxy resin removes the time, money and risks associated with concrete surfacing repairs, and provide a long-lasting, reliable flooring solution.