A Modern Home For Historic Collections

Nexus has successfully transferred 28 million insects and more than eight million plant specimens to the new Natural History Museum’s Darwin Centre. Modelled on an insect cocoon, the centre is a state-of-the-art storage facility next to the main museum with environmentally-controlled roller racking, laboratories and staff areas.

Given the age and fragility of this collection, the move required careful planning and specialist management from the start. All specimens were transferred in taxonomic order, in line with our project manager’s programme, which combined efficiency, safety and continuity, while reflecting the changing requirements of the museum’s research staff.

We also relocated laboratory equipment, furniture and books. Unwanted metal units were sent for recycling, however, beautiful Victorian cabinets that were no longer needed were transformed into artisan furniture and kitchen units by a specialist manufacturer.

Our experience handling delicate artefacts gave the Natural History Museum peace-of-mind. Every specimen was relocated safely so researchers could continue their work without interruption.