IT Location Service

Nexus offers our clients an hassle free and risk free IT relocation service that are bespoke to their business needs, budget, location and timeline.

We help our clients to overcome the typical challenges which include: missed deadlines, budget overrun, poor supplier communication & coordination, poor inventory management & documentation, subcontractor disconnect, bottlenecks during the final days/hours of the move and lack of proper post move user support

IT relocation is often at the heart of business change that requires specific consideration & planning, and yet is only one of the elements that forms part of the successful, seamless transition of a business from it’s current fully operational environment to a new live site

While it is possible to procure IT relocation service on its own, taking this approach typically leads to increased risk due to multiple points of failure & duplication of costs.

Nexus delivers all the services required to guarantee a seamless transition from one working environment to another.

We are a specialist solution provider for all these services.

Our IT relocation services include:

  • Decomission and packing of desktop IT

  • Decomission and packing of user telephone

  • Labeling, Documenting and mapping (with photo)of user layout in order to mirror this at the new location.

  • IT and specialist crate hire.

  • Supply of specialist anti static pacakaging material

  • Logistics and physical movement off harware

  • Air suspension transport when requied

  • Floorbox and data point movement

  • Unpacking and placement

  • Recomissioning off desktop IT, user telephone and user printers.

  • Patching and testing of user workstations

  • Patching and testing in comms room

  • Post move user support

Change in business mostly require some form of IT / technology movement and Nexus specialises in IT / Technology / business moves.

This forms part of our turnkey offering, together with a host of other services, including:

  • Business relocation

  • Specialist relocation

  • Space planning and Furniture audit

  • External connectivity (leased line, business broadband, 4G solutions)

  • Wired and wireless network solution design and implementation

  • Furniture installation

  • IT and technology relocation

  • Document and archive relocation

  • Move planning and move management

  • IT solution design

  • IT Managed services

  • Certificated hardware recycling for IT and furniture (WEEE compliant)

  • Storage and logistics solutions

  • Site clearance and dilapidations

  • Building maintenance

  • Managed services

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