Internal Moves and Changes

Internal moves and changes or “churn” as is sometimes referred to are a regular occurrence in any business. This is essentially the reorganisation, or restacking of internal departments and individuals within an existing property or site.

Our in-house network of specialist partners, have the experience to assist with every aspect of this process – from planning the new departmental seating arrangements, relocating existing furniture or installing new furniture, to planning and implementing IT or AV  network infrastructure changes, which will enable the staff to work in their new locations.

We can handle all related services with the main focus on

  • Internal reconfiguration
  • Desk moves (furniture and IT)
  • Porterage and maintenance
  • Document management and storage

We provide all the required material and equipment such as crates, labels, packaging, etc. We also do packing, listing and tracking of your filing.

Throughout the process we work closely with the the move champions to give guidance and advice.

The NEXUS service offering is comprehensive and offers more than just internal moves and changes. Combined with our other services, NEXUS is a true one stop shop.

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