Installs, Moves, Additions, and Changes (IMAC)

IMAC covers all day-to-day activities associated with the scheduling and installation of hardware and software, changes to configuration, de-installation and relocation of equipment, including connectivity testing, data transfer and user orientation

As businesses focus on building a more efficient and powerful IT Infrastructure, the need for quality IMAC services has never been more important.

Our Services include:

  •         Desktop and Server Deployments
  •         Office Hardware, Infrastructure & Data Center Relocation
  •         Hardware & Software Upgrades
  •         Configuration Changes
  •         Data Backup & Recovery

With our in-house network of specialist partners, NEXUS has the expertise to assist with every aspect of this process – from planning the new departmental seating arrangements, relocating existing furniture or installing new furniture, to planning and implementing your IT and Network infrastructure changes.

The core focus of NEXUS to maintain end to end control of the process continues in the service where we deliver all the aspects internally. This ensures the client of quality and predictability with no downtime or disruptions.

Our Services