Document Digitisation Service

Nexus help businesses to manage, process and relocate archived and live documents during periods of growth and change as well as on an ongoing basis – Ensuring that they are compliant and remain compliant.

We offer clients advice and solutions for a process that usually presents challenges and frustrations in a business. Compliance relating to data stored on paper and digitally presents significant challenges and risks that include:

  • GDPR compliance

  • Excessive storage space on site

  • Digitisation and digital storage systems

Correct and efficient document management is an essential function in any business and when businesses are going through change , it is the best time to address this and implement corrective changes in order not to transfer bad habits to a new and improved business environment.

This service is can be procured on its own and as an ongoing managed service. It does however have significant benefit to address this during another change event in order to save money by not moving and storing unnecessary archives in expensive office space just to change it at a later day, leading to duplicate costs.

Nexus delivers all the services required to guarantee a seamless transition from one working environment to another.

We are a specialist solution provider for all these services

Our Document storage and relocation service include:

  • Records management consulting

  • Off Site Document storage

  • On Site packing (sequential) and indexing

  • Digitisation – Data capture and indexing

  • Archive relocation / move

  • Document destruction and shredding

We design a solution that fits into your change program and ensures that your business remains compliant throughout.

Document and archive relocation forms part our our turnkey solution together with a host of other services including

  • Business relocation

  • Specialist relocation

  • Space planning and Furniture audit

  • External connectivity (leased line, business broadband, 4G solutions)

  • Wired and wireless network solution design and implementation

  • Furniture installation

  • IT and technology relocation

  • Document and archive relocation

  • Move planning and move management

  • IT solution design

  • IT Managed services

  • Certificated hardware recycling for IT and furniture (WEEE compliant)

  • Storage and logistics solutions

  • Site clearance and dilapidations

  • Building maintenance

  • Managed services

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