Crate Hire

Nexus offers businesses cost effective & convenient crate hire solutions for storage, relocation or internal moves and changes.

We help our clients overcome the typical challenges which include: Timely delivery, distribution to required positions, poor quality & cleanliness of crates, additional cost for labeling and security seals.

Crate hire can easily be overlooked but It requires specific consideration & planning, particularly when part of an office relocation or other change event. Although it plays an important role in these projects, it is only one element of many that are required to come together seamlessly for the successful project outcome.

While it is possible to procure this service on its own, taking this approach typically leads to increased risk due to multiple points of failure & duplication of costs.

Nexus delivers all the services required to guarantee a seamless transition from one working environment to another.

We are a specialist solution provider for all these services.

Our Crate Hire services include:

  • Free survey to determine requirement

  • Timely delivery and collection

  • Distribution of crates to required positions

  • collection from unpacked positions

  • sequential Packing and unpacking (optional)

  • Numbering labels

  • security seals

Crate Hire forms part of our turnkey offering, together with a host of other services