Business Relocation

NEXUS has its origins in Business relocation and this is an area where we have unmatched levels of expertise and an impeccable track record. We understand Business relocation and have developed a delivery model based on experience and expertise rather than theory.

To relocate a business is a complex and high risk process. We believe that the best way to manage that risk is to have the entire project in hand and manage it from a single, central position.

A vital component of our approach is to maintain complete control over the project by only working with in-house Certified NEXUS Delivery Partners

We offer the client a seamless and stress free service with a single point of contact throughout

Key NEXUS offers:

  • Bespoke end to end solutions
  • Professional planning and consultation
  • Single Point of Contact project management
  • Maximise benefit and minimise risk

The NEXUS approach focuses on complete control from the planning stage, through the project management and up to and including the final delivery through an in-house network of specialist partners. We think of everything, even your energy providers at the old and new site.

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