To commercial infrastructure requirements

No one else brings all the services together under one centrally managed umbrella with a single point of contact.
NEXUS is a true end-to-end solution that gives new meaning to the phrase “one stop shop”.
We will save you time and money and all the aggravation that is usually associated with these projects.

Our History

NEXUS began in 1993 as part of North American Van Lines, offering business relocation and high value product relocation services as a sideline for NAVL’s core transportation business.

NEXUS quickly established itself as a market leader of business relocation services, managing complex and often sensitive relocations in an efficient, effective and economic manner.

NEXUS has carried out many high profile/ high complexity relocations for a diverse range of public and private sector clients. NEXUS is a preferred supplier to several national and multinational clients such as the Natural History Museum, the Library of Birmingham, AECOM, Jacobs, Shell, Thales and the British Film Institute to name but a few.

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The Power of  Partnerships

The key to the successful NEXUS delivery model lies in its unique partnership structure.

High level strategic partnerships

These are large organisations with national and international reach that gives NEXUS access to an extensive infrastructure and specialist resources, providing a solid backbone to deliver the highest level of service on projects of any size.

In-house Delivery partners

These are direct contractual partnerships with specialist businesses that cover every aspect within the commercial infrastructure requirement. All NEXUS partners have a vested financial interest in NEXUS and benefit from the success and growth of the business. NEXUS maintains an exclusivity policy for its partnerships and there is only one of each service provider in the network. Partners work together under the NEXUS umbrella and all programs are controlled from a central position within NEXUS. Invoicing and payable accounts are centralised within NEXUS therefore ensuring that the focus remains on the successful delivery of the entire project rather than individual elements.